A series of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections into the scalp are used in PRP hair restoration, which has been clinically shown to revive deficient hair follicles. This rejuvenation procedure can promote hair growth, thicken and strengthen your hair, and accelerate the regrowth of thinning hair. Plasma from the patient's own blood is drawn, separated using a spinner, and then injected into the scalp as part of the treatment.


A revolutionary method called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection uses your own blood platelets – a type of cell that helps with healing throughout the body – to potentially reverse hair loss and grow new hair.

Recovery from PRP injections for hair or hair restoration often takes three to four weeks. Age, genetics, environmental circumstances, lifestyle decisions, and any concurrent hair treatments are just a few of the variables that affect how quickly PRP hair treatments recover.

For effective PRP hair treatment outcomes, you must finish a course of four to six treatments, and new hair growth will last for roughly 18 to 24 months. PRP is not permanent, so touch-up procedures are suggested once a year.

Avoid consuming blood thinners, blood-thinning medications, and vitamins and nutritional supplements that contain these blood-thinning chemicals at least a week (or better yet, two weeks) prior to your treatment. Talk to your doctor if you have a prescription that requires it because you might not be eligible for PRP. Avoid getting your hair colored or styled at least a week before your treatment. You may get adverse effects later on as a result of this.

At least three days before your therapy, abstain from smoking and consuming any alcoholic beverages. Alcohol thins the blood and can increase the sensitivity of microneedling and injections on the scalp. It can also make the blood draw process more painful. At least seven days before the treatment, avoid being in the sun for too long. This may cause your hair and scalp’s natural oils to dry out, causing it to become dry and brittle.


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